Full Engagement is Enough

look at the spaces between things


This is not a Grandiose Ego

Identities make the world crazy. When something you identify with is questioned, you naturally feel threatened--something that you think of as "you" is under attack. Especially when that "you" is a marketed brand that hides the shame of alienation, which is the default state of most people these days. But I'm offering some identities for myself here, anyway, because they make a good shorthand as long as you don't take them too seriously.

Queer - Everyone is queer in the sense that the only people whose sexuality is exactly what it's supposed to be are those who are too repressed to even know what they like. But I'm queer in that very obvious sense that I like boys and I am one.

:: Not Another Queer Manifesto : not exactly what i would write but good enough
:: Read This Before You Come Out to Your Parents : good to read if you're young and considering coming out. not always the right thing to do

Anarchist - The burden is on powerful people to explain why we have to let them control us. If they do a bad job of explaining why we can't do things in a more equal way, we should take their power away and distribute it as evenly as possible.

:: Theory : the anarchist faq
:: Practice : what anarchists do